DELTA BLOC (Planned)

​Betra also produced for some Delta Bloc projects in Turkey. Even if production of Delta Bloc is not active now due to market conditions in Turkey, Betra is planning to and able to produce this product for Turkish market with his own moulds and facilities in a short time.

Temporary and Permanent Road Barrier Systems

Los Angeles shaped concrete barriers are possible to implement on most parts of the section. The advantage of these type of concrete barriers is they can be used as both temporary and permanent road barriers. During road construction barriers can be used as safeguard for the construction area, then after construction finishes same barriers can be implemented as permanent road barriers. And also even the permanent barriers can be moved in case of broadening or reconstructing the road.

A short look to Steel Rails

​It become more clear that the existing steel guards is not meeting the modern demands of a safeguard barrier system. Even with a sipmle search it is possible to find details and pictures of accidents occured due to this type of steel rails. In case of an accident these steel rails sometimes totaly break and lets the car/truck pass to the other side or due to its sharp edges directly breaks into the vehicle. Due to increase of this type of accidents authorities giving more and more importance to changing the steel rails with the concrete barriers.