Betra is producing Mainline Sleepers for Turkish and foreign markets. Betra is producing turnout bearers since eight years and Betra is the biggest mainline sleeper producer in Turkey . Until end of 2023 Betra produced about 3.500.000 pcs mainline sleepers for railways and now has a capacity of more than 650.000 pcs/year.

The production of our sleepers is done via the long line -method. In four parallel reclined lanes respectively 38 pieces of sleepers are produced in 100 m long traces. The use of a huge stress-length ensures an equal pre-stress for all tension-wires , the tension is carried out via electronically controlled and monitored hydraulic extrudes. At the same time tension-force and ways are accurately documented (graphic recording) . Especially developed manufacturing-techniques do guarantee a minimum tolerance in terms of measurement and assembling of the fastening-parts. After demoulding the sleepers , the lines are cut into seperate parts and the tension beds are prepared for the next production. Following , the fixations for the rail fastening for the rail fastening system are assembled on the sleepers and the curing componud for evaporation of the concrete is applied. After the completion of the production the sleepers are fully automatically transported to an interm-storage. The storage holds a capacity of about 350.000 sleepers .

Quality controls- according to engineering standarts-during every single stage of production and a daily control of the concrete quality do guarantee highest quality.


  1. Maximum accuracy of tracks
  2. Minumum expenses for maintenance
  3. High durability (approximately 50 years expected)

Our sleepers are already used in almost every considerable projects in Turkey with the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Summary of Techical Data for Mainline Sleeper

Concrete grade


Weight (without rail fastenings)



2600 mm