Sleeper Test and Personnel Training Center Opened

Betra Prefabrike A.Ş. finished the test and training center and opening was done by Dr. M. Secil Uzuner and Plant Manager Zekeriya DÖKER together.

​Dr. M. Secil UZUNER made a small talk to the personnel and summarised the history of the plant from the beginning. He mentioned that this test and training center is not a very big investment compared to the whole plant but important to show how much Betra cares about the quality.

Sakarya Governor Mr Mustafa BÜYÜK visited Betra Prefabrike

​At 23.03.2011 Sakarya governor Mustafa BÜYÜK visited Betra Prefabrike and get a briefing about the plant. During the visit Pamukova Distric Governor Tuncay DURSUN, Pamuova Mayor Cevat KESER, District Police Commissioner Yüksel USTA, district Gendarmerie Commarder Ayhan ŞENOL, District Secretary Ahmet BARAN companied to the governor. During this visit Dr. M. Seçil UZUNER, one of the shareholders of the company, informed the visitors about the production system and the unique situation of the plant in the world and submitted a souvenir (galvanized tension clamp) to the governor as a rememberance.

TO Sleeper Production Capacity Inceased

​Betra Prefabrik, which has a leader position in the market, increased his TO production capacity at the beginning of 2011 with new production lines and machines. With this new investment Betra achieved 800 m/day TO sleeper production capacity and became the biggest TO sleeper plant.