The long line Method

All sleepers are manufactured according to the Long Line Method, a proven technology that has been used to produce more than 50 million sleepers all over the world. The Method has a number of special production advantages that ensure the highest quality sleepers available today. Some of the major features of this technology are

Beds of at least 100 m in length, ensuring very accurate prestressing force in each of the prestressing tendons.

All tendons for each line of sleepers are stressed by means of one jack, ensuring the accuracy of the total prestressing force in each sleeper.

Modern machines with poker vibrators, vibrating beam and roller vibrator for the distribution and automatic compaction of the concrete.

The use of small diameter prestressing tendons with good bonding characteristics, allowing for a relatively low concrete compression strength at the time of release of the prestress.

Curing in the moulds, guaranteeing very close tolerances of the track geometry and a very good surface finish.

All sleepers in each bed are cast in a continuous length, then demoulded, destressed and separated with a diamond cutting disc. This results in very smooth ends without any protruding prestressing tendons.

Concrete main line sleepers

The concrete sleeper is designed using small diameter fully bonded prestressing steel made of high quality standard steel. It allows full flexibility in achieving an optimum strength at the same time reducing the cost of reinforcement to a minimum. By using a diamond cutting unit the sleeper end section will be completely smooth, free from any protruding steel. Special emphasis is put on absolute precision on vital measurements and to the position of cast-in fastening details.

Concrete turnout sleepers

Betrawas the first company in Turkey to manufacture prestressed concrete sleepers for turnouts on a larger scale and is still today a leader in the design and production of these sleepers. The sleepers in a turnout set are individually designed and manufactured according to the company’s patented system. In close cooperation with the major turnout suppliers Betra is constantly striving to further improve the turnout sleeper design and the interface towards the steel parts to further optimize the function and the economy of the entire turnout assembly.