We offer flexible business models in order to make opportunities for our clients as an option that best suits them. That can range from sleeper supply, to variable sleeper production.

  • In order to satisfy the needs of our customer it is inevitable to make our production according to our Quality Management System requirements.
  • To increase service quality, performing the service on time and always considering the minimum contract conditions.
  • Always considering customer satisfaction first.
  • Keeping our position in the sector as a company which is open for innovations and following daily improvements.
  • Evaluating all risks for Health & Safety and getting protective precautions.
  • In order to eliminate the danger at source put into practice and improve the health and safety rules with participation of all personnel.
  • To know the importance of the job we do and during our operations obeying the legal responsibilities, in order to minimize the effect to the environment by using all opportunities of company and being environmentfriendly company.
  • For a possible accident or case of emercency, precautions will plan and apply in order to minimize environmental damage.
  • Cooperating with national and local government offices, other industrial companies and suppliers in order to increase our environmental standards.