UZKA Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

​UZKA management is comprised of experienced professionals in all applicable international railway and civil construction disciplines. The top level management has had over thirty years of project management experience as a team in Turkey and all across the Middle East, North Africa, and the CIS countries, and have worked in projects with revenues in excess of 600 MIO USD.

For the last almost twenty years, UZKA Construction Industry and Trade Inc., has operated extensively in civil construction, railway construction, engineering, consulting and in an exporting-importing capacity. The UZKA project management team has been involved both within and outside Turkey in many major projects in a project management and critical scheduling capacity. Furthermore, UZKA owns a class A type Contractors License which qualifies us to bid for all types of major construction projects in Turkey.

UZKA has completed several railway project and handed over them successfully to the clients and is currently under tracklaying contract in for Adana Metro and Bursa Metro Projects.

As part of the growth of the firm UZKA have acquired land (approx 80 000 m².) for the construction of factories to produce prestressed concrete railway sleepers, and turnout sleepers. Construction of Prestressed Concrete Sleeper Factory is completed and started production.

UZKA is also a shareholder of three sister companies BETRA, RAYMAK and UZPA. BETRA Prefabricated Construction Industry and Trade Inc’s field of expertise is production of prestressed concrete railway sleepers and high quality concrete road barriers. BETRA Inc’ 50 % share is owned by an Austrian Company Maba. UZPA Auto Marketing Import, Export and Trade Inc.’ scope is import-export of all types of automotive products and Construction and Operation of Touristic Establishments. RAYMAK Inc’ scope is construction of railway and metro systems.

We are housed at the UZKA Business Center, developed and financed wholly by UZKA for its own commercial use. UZKA Business Center is a 5000 m² building in a rapidly developing part of Istanbul called Kavacik, and has been cited nationally as an architectural masterpiece.

We believe that, UZKA is characterized by the professionalism of its staff and a careful approach to risk-taking. We take care to be recognized for our diligence and conservatism. We also believe that, we have one of the strongest network of contacts in the railway and civil construction industry in Turkey. We hope that, this will be the basis for a long-term and profitable association with our company.

​Betra is a joint venture company owned by the Turkish companies Uzka Construction Industry and Trade Inc. and Orhan Onur Foreign Inc. and Maba Fertigteilindustrie GmbH of Austria. Betra produces prestressed concrete railway sleepers in Turkey.

The company's production is performed using the Long Line Method, a well-proven production method today utilized all over the world. The method ensures production of the highest quality sleepers available. The main characteristics are - Casting beds with a total length of app. 100 meters, which ensures very accurate prestressing force in each of the prestressing tendons. - All tendons in one line are being stressed by means of one jack, which ensures the accuracy of the total prestressing force in each sleeper. - Utilization of small diameter prestressing tendons with extremely good bonding characteristics, allowing for a lower concrete compression strength at time for release of prestress. This in turn implies that there will be no need for external heating by means of neither loose nor fixed steam. - Curing in the moulds guarantees very close tolerances of the geometry and a very good surface finish. - All sleepers in each bed are cast in a continuous length and are being separated after demoulding and distressing by means of a diamond-cutting disc. This method results in very smooth ends without any prestressing tendons protruding at the end surfaces. - Sleepers are cast upside down in a long line of quadruple moulds forming continuous beams. The system utilizes fully bonded prestressed tendons made of high quality standard steel.

In a further step the rail fastening components are being completely assembled onto the sleepers. After a quality control of all vital measurements and load bearing requirements, the sleepers are brought fully automatically to the stockyard which offers space for approximately 50 000 sleepers. The delivery to the construction site is made by way of the factory's own siding. In Europe alone, factories utilizing the Long Line Method have produced approximately 20 000 000 mainline sleepers and 2 500 000 linear meters of sleepers for turnouts, which today could be found in all kind of railway networks.

The Delta Bloc system is used for permanent safe guarding on roads and motorways as well as for temporary protection of construction sites. Further special systems for the use on bridges are available.

The system is modular in design - this allows a combination of elements with different heights and containment levels. There are various element types like transition and junction units, even specially developed elements for bridges.